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Yes, we have a very comprehensive warranty. A full copy of our warranty is available from our office – please contact us if you have any further questions. Our PVCu frame work is covered for cracking, warping and discolouration for a period of 2 years. Our sealed units are covered from failure of the seal for a period of 2 years and our fittings (handles, locks and hinges ) are covered for a period of 2 years from date of initial use. Please bear in mind that our warranty has changed recently so please contact our Customer Care department if you do not have a copy of your warranty certificate.

Our warranty is subject to terms and conditions so please call our Customer Care team on 0114 261 7519 to discuss further.

Cleaning Glass and glazing: Warm soapy water or a quality glass cleaner is adequate to remove dirt from all variations of glass sealed units. To prevent scratching of the units, the use of a soft cloth is recommended.

Cleaning PVCu frames: A regular clean with a mild non-abrasive detergent solution will keep your frames in tip top condition. For stubborn dirt and marks, use a suitable cream cleaner. Never use abrasive/steam cleaners.

We have a range of cleaners available to purchase, please contact us about our range.

A simple adjustment is often all that is needed. New build property owners should contact their builder (if you are still covered by your builders warranty) to arrange for an engineer to visit if necessary.

If you are outside your warranty period then please contact us.

No, condensation on an outer pane of a sealed unit is a gas or vapour changing into a liquid and is perfectly normal. Please contact us if you have any concerns. If the temperature of an object ( e.g metal, glass ) falls below what is known as the ‘Dew Point ’ temperature, water vapour from the atmosphere condenses into water droplets on its surface.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.

Unfortunately we are unable to supply units that contain cat flaps or extractor fans.

We are based at our headquarters in Sheffield and now have a Scottish base near Glasgow. We are ideally located to serve much of the country. We have projects from the borders of Scotland and as far south as Oxfordshire.

It all depends on the problem you are experiencing with your windows and the date they were installed. Please contact us and we will be able to confirm if your windows are covered.

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